2 day trip from DA LAT to MUI NE

2 day trip from DA LAT to MUI NE beach- the culture and historical trip
The sight-seeing itinerary
Day 1 - leaving DALAT for  DI LINH 
 - dragon pagoda - vegetable farm- flower farms - coffee gardent- rice wine cooking - silkworm  raising and silk spinning factory - elephant waterfall- mushroom farm MA minority village -the broken bridge on the high way 20 in the war time  -the old military bunkers -incense making - nunnery pagoda
 overnight  DI LINH town town
 Day 2- leaving      DI LINH     for MUI NE beach
 the local market-tea plantation -   walking in to jungle to see the local  communist guerrilla  military war zone - riding on the junction of ho chi minh trail between  the mountainous area down to deltar areas ,-tea factory dragon fruit gardin - CHAM  minoriy village
(the old main military base on the high way 20 ) pongour waterfall -K'HO  minority village -local hand crsafts - minority  hand weaving
 the trip will be finished at  MUI NE beach

the price = 90usd perday person,  2 people = 180 usd - 2 days = 360 usd for 2 people
The price  is excluding accommodations , but its including entrence fees and permit to visit minority villages the hotel available = 15 usd for double room and hot shower - the meal = 3 usd /pax  you can do this trip  by motorbike - 4 wheel drive jeep or car - depends on your choice options but you had better to do by the 4 wheel drive jeep