3 or 4 day trip from DA LAT around the LAK LAKE- BUON MA THUOT - and NHA TRANG

To discover the aboriginal culture of 4 ethnic minorities in the central highlands - the daily lifestyle of the people in the remote area and the old war vestiges - the imposing view in the moutainous area , to see the real VIET NAM and IT'S culture
The sight-seeing itinerary below
Day 1: From Dalat to Lak lake we are going to visit 
Crazy House -Du Sinh Catholic church- flower farm- vegetable farms- the old airforce base- napalm bombed hill- tea and coffee gardens- local handicraft- silk worm raising, silk spinning factory- elephant waterfall- bamboo basket making- the buddhist cutural center- the old battle fields on the high way number 27 -Chin minority village- the bombed bridge on the highway 14 in the war time - the local guerilla's war zones- , M'Nong Gar minority village and their monadic farming up the hill sides -the suspenson bridge - the rafting house of the fishing people on the river in the forest
Overnight at Lak lake, home stay at minority village or guest house - resort (depends on your choice option)

Day 2: leaving  Lak lake for YOKDON  national park  
In the morning walking around the Jun village to see the daily life style and activities of M' Nong R'Lum village - the old elephant training center, the traditional brocade of minority hand weaving - minority fishing by kayaks on the lak lake - King Bao Dai's hunting house granite stone sculpture  - BUON MATHUOT central market - cashew nut garden-  EDEH minority villages -  the jucntion of ho chi minhtrail between  CAM BODIA border and VIET NAM ( the old main military supply way of the north VIET NAMES soldiers in the war time )the minority market- over night at national park

Day 3: leaving  YOKDON national park for DRAY SAP and DRAYNUR waterfalls
the broken bridge on the hw 14 to isolate BUON MA THUOT town in 1975 - trump making -
  DRAY SAP and DRAYNUR waterfalls 
   , trekking in the forest or swimming in the fairy lake - overnight at Buon Ma Thuot town

Day 4: leaving BUON MATHUOT for NHA TRANG 
  -Rubber plantation - black pepper garden - rice paper making- Edeh minority village and nomadic farming families - the agent oranged on the PHOENIX path between   NHA TRANG and BUON MA THUOT - a hot spring from the old volcano tube-brick and tiles factory - fishing village-CHAM tower
 the trip will be finished at NHA TRANG  
the trip can be extended one more day  to see the HOCHI MINH  trails in the south of central highlands connected between CAMBODIA and VIET NAM border (the main military supply way of the north viet namese soldiers in the war time) or to YODON national park = 5 day trip
NOTE :     you can share the 4 wheel drive jeep or van for 3 or 4 people  is cheaper  than motobikes . the price is excluding the accommodations  the hotels are availble = 12 usd for double room the meal = 2 usd per per son
 precaution : if you book the trip with hotel , office or tourist companies they will sell the trip to the others. you won't be able to know  who is your guide on the trip ; nowaday there are alot of EASYIDER immitators to  becareful you will be waste your time and money .  if you contact directly to me i will be your guide on your trip  how to to see the real VIET NAM and it's culture ( the real EASYRIDERS only in  DA LAT )

The price = 75 USD per person a day. It is including entrances fee and permit to visit the restricted area, and is excluding accomodations, the hotel are availabe at 12 USD for double room with airconditioner and hot water and meal = 2USD per person. You can take the 4 wheel drive jeep the price is the same of 2 bikes