SPECIAL DALAT COUNTRYSIDE (cultural tour) - 1 Day Tour

To explore the Nature and landscape and reknown sites around the Dalat region. Departure: 8.00 or 8.30 Am, 35 USD per person

Domain de Marie church (Catholic church)

Dragon pagoda (The concept of Buddhism)

Silk worm raising

Silk spinning factory 

Silk embroidery (The famous art galLery of Dalat women artisans)

Hiking on the panaroma hill to see the landscapes of DALAT and the countryside.

Vegetable farm – terrace farm

Strawberry garden

Flower farm

Elephant waterfall

Local traditional handweaving

Coffee garden

Rice wine cooking

French quartier

Precaution: These tours are the cultural tours. Tourist had better choose the knowledgeable guides for guidance on the tours if tourist do not want to wasted time and money.